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Areas of expertise

I apply my editorial skills to a wide range of materials
in many subject areas.

I do, however, have particular experience of working on:

     •   Educational materials (e.g. textbooks, training materials (including e-learning), manuals, general-interest reference)

     •   Marketing materials (e.g. newsletters, brochures, whitepapers)

     •   Reports (business and research)

In terms of subjects, I often work on materials relating to biology, education, health and safety, self-help and popular medicine, and technology (including ICT).

Experienced at editing in plain English, I can help if you want your documents to be as clear as possible for their intended readers.

I also edit documents written by people for whom English is a second language.

What is the difference between copy-editing and proofreading?

Outside the publishing industry, the terms 'copy-editing' and 'proofreading' are sometimes used interchangeably. Traditionally, proofreading is a final check of a copy-edited (and often typeset) document – and that is the definition I use.


Copy-editing and proofreading

I copy-edit and proofread materials of all kinds for print or online publication: books, manuals, newsletters, magazine articles, marketing communications and educational materials, for example.

For details of how I can help perfect your text, see:

     •   Copy-editing: how I can help

     •   Proofreading: how I can help




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